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Vanilla Server Rules

Before starting to play on our Vanilla server, we advise you to read our rules carefully.
We also remind you to check the aforementioned rules periodically, so that there are no unpleasant appointments.

1. Grief, theft or fraud are prohibited.
2. Unauthorized PvP and drop theft are prohibited.
3. The use of foul language, profanity and flame is prohibited.
4. Discrimination and bullying are prohibited.
5. The use of hacks and macros is prohibited.
6. The exploitation of glitches, bugs and anti-afk is prohibited.
7. Flooding in chat and IP spam are prohibited.
8. Avoid violent and uncivilized language.
9. Respect the rules, the players, the staff and its decisions.

About Us

We are a team of enthusiasts who, after years of experience in Minecraft online servers, decided to share knowledge, experience and skills to create something new. Our goal is being able to bring innovations where they are lacking, always trying to leave that touch of originality.
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