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Minecraft Server Rules

We advise you to read the rules carefully so as not to run into problems with our staff and to enjoy your stay in our community.

Nota Bene

This page declares the rules and guidelines for the correct coexistence on the ImpurityGames Minecraft server.
Users are required to periodically view this rules for any updates, which can take place without notice by staff members.
Failure to understand and view the rules does not imply user justification for failure to comply with the rules contained in this page.

1. Account

  • Access is forbidden to those who have a nickname with the intent to damage and/or offend people and the server itself.
  • All nicknames for the purpose of advertising other servers, youtube channels, sites, etc. are prohibited.
  • Each person is responsible for own account, so it is not advisable to give access to own account to other players.
  • Each person must use only one account. Multi-accounts are automatically controlled through your IP address via an administrative system. In case of people and/or relatives using the same IP address, we ask you to inform the staff immediately.
  • Buying and selling accounts is not allowed. The "Sellers" of these accounts, attributable to a second owner, will be banned.

2. Client modifications

  • The use of any client modification that gives any benefit to you that a vanilla client does not have is against the rules. That said, we have a few exceptions to specific mods.
  • 5zig PvP Mod (1.8 compatible)
    Advanced Capes Mod
    Advanced Hud Mod
    Ambience (Music Mod)
    Animated Players
    Armour Status Hud
    Autocorrect Mod
    Auto GG Mod
    Badlion Client
    Badlion Client V2
    Better FPS
    Better Foliage
    Better Sprint Mod
    Big Chat History
    Blocks3D Mod
    CTM Mod
    Chat Triggers
    Chroma HUD
    Clear Spam
    Custom Crosshairs
    Custom Sky
    Custom Time
    Dab Mod
    Damage Tint
    Direction Hud
    Dynamic Lights Mod
    Enemy-Range Indicator Addon
    Fast Chat
    Foam Fix
    Forge ModLoader (FML)
    Fortnite Compass Mod
    Fullbright Mod
    Gui Scale Mod
    Hidden Armour Mod
    IChun’s Shatter Mod
    INGame Account Switcher
    Ingame Info XML
    ItemPhysics Mod
    James090500 Minecraft Capes
    JourneyMap (FairPlay or NoRadar Versions)
    Keystrokes Mod
    Kinetic Display
    LabyMod (without minimap)
    Liteloader Mod
    Lunar Client
    MC Capes Mod
    MapWriter (Basically REI’s MiniMap)
    MatMos Sounds Mod
    Minecraft Capes Mod
    More Player Models
    MoreInfo Mod
    Motion Blur Mod
    Mouse Delay Fix
    Mo’ Bends
    Name History
    Offline Skins
    Old Animations Mod
    Optifine (1.8 compatible)
    Orange's 1.7 Animations Mod
    Oranges's Simple mods
    Perspective Mod
    Pack Switcher Mod
    Player API
    Pop Enchant Tags
    Presence Footsteps Mod
    Projectile Trail Mod
    RandomConfigs mod
    RandomPatches mod
    RandomConfigs mod
    REI’s Minimap Mod (Any minimap is allowed as long as it does NOT show entities. (1.8 compatible))
    Real First-Person
    Real Time Clock
    Real Time Translation Mod
    Replay Mod
    Resource Exploit Fix
    Saturation Display
    Screenshot Mod
    Shaders Mod
    Shiny Pots
    Sidebar Mod
    Simple Macros
    Simple Widgets
    Sound Subtitles
    Status Effect Hud
    TS3 Integration
    Third Person Everything Mod
    Time Changer (1.8 version)
    TwitchTV Chat Mod
    Vanilla Enhancements Mod
    Vanilla Fix
    Void Chat
    VoxelCam Mod
    World Edit CUI (WE CUI)
    Xaero's Minimap (Fair Play Version)
    Zebra's Toggle Sprint and Sneak Mod
    ZoomMod (1.8 compatible)

3. Gameplay

  • Polite and respectful behaviour towards other players and staff members must always be maintained.
  • Spam of any kind is prohibited (advertise or share links from other sites, servers, teamspeak, etc.) both publicly and privately.
  • It is forbidden to express vulgarity, insults and blasphemies by any means (Usernames, Texts, etc.). Responsible users will be sanctioned and content may be removed or censored.
  • Bullying, racism and discrimination in all their forms are not tolerated.
  • Do not abuse glitches in the game or in the client.
  • Do not knowingly play with a player using forbidden client modifications.
  • Do not use an inappropriate skin, cape, or any other cosmetic.
  • It is forbidden to ignore or reject screenshare requests from the staff and leave the game during a screenshare. It is also forbidden, as a result of a screenshare request, to slow down or attempt to prevent the screenshare in any way. Refusing a screenshare is tantamount to admitting the use of client modifications.
  • In the case of cooperation between players in breaking the rules, both the player who made this decision and the player who cooperated will have the same punishment.
  • Improper use of the /report command is prohibited. The staff can directly block access to the command without prior notice.
  • Do not break the Minecraft EULA (found here).
  • Per tutto ciò che non è previsto dal regolamento, lo staff si riserva il diritto di decidere di volta in volta a seconda del caso ed eventualmente di modificare quest'ultimo, in modo da agire nella maniera più capillare possibile.

4. Usage of chat

  • No swearing.
  • No racism, xenophobia, homophobia, or anything like it.
  • No spamming.
  • No arguing.
  • No unnecessary use of uppercase.
  • No trolling or any form of intentionally misleading other users.
  • No advertising (that includes other servers).
    An exception to this is self-promoting Twitch or YouTube channels when they create ImpurityGames content.
    Self-promotion is limited to once every 30 minutes. Please do not spam advertise.
  • You're allowed to talk in any language.

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