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In-Game Command Reference

Check out all the in-game commands available for users in our Minecraft server games.

The commands available to the user are divided by game, so that they can be easily consulted.
In this section there are no commands that can be used by other rank than the user.
Some commands may be subject to future changes, so we recommend to review this section periodically.

Management Commands

  • /f create [name] - Create a faction
  • /f who [name] - Show the faction information
  • /f tag [name] - Change the faction name
  • /f sethome - Set the faction home
  • /f home - Teleport you to the faction home
  • /f coords - Tell your position to all faction members
  • /f claim - Claim a chunk for your faction
  • /f unclaim - Remove a claim of your faction
  • /f perms - Change the faction members permissions

Team Commands

  • /f invite [name] - Invite a player in your faction
  • /f deinvite [name] - Revoke a player invite
  • /f kick [name] - Kick a player from you faction
  • /f ban [name] - Ban a player from your faction
  • /f leader [name] - Set a player as the faction leader
  • /f coleader [name] - Set a player as the faction co-leader
  • /f mod [name] - Set a player as the faction moderator
  • /f chat [Faction/Ally/Public] - Change chat mode
  • /f leave - Leave a faction

General Commands

  • /f top - Show the server top factions
  • /f setwarp - Set a warp for your faction
  • /f warp - Teleport you to a faction warp
  • /f map - Show the map of the surrounding area
  • /f list - Show the list of all factions on the server

Claim System

To create a claim you have to select an area by clicking, with a gold shovel, on the two opposite vertices of a rectangle.
The selection must be at least 10x10 blocks.

  • /trust [name] - Add a player to your claim
  • /untrust [name] - Remove a player from you claim
  • /accesstrust [name] - Allow to a player some interactions
  • /containertrust [name] - Allow to a player to access to your chests
  • /trustlist - Show the trusted players list
  • /abandonclaim - Delete the claim you are on
  • /abandonallclaim - Delete all your claims


The fastest way to earn money on the server is kill the mobs that are not generated by spawners.
All mobs have different values, it's up to you to figure out which one is the most convenient.
Another way to earn money is trade with other players or alternatively create a Personal Store.
You can keep safe your money, your experience and your items in the bank, so that you do not lose them in any way, to do this talk to the Banker.

  • /pay [name] [quantity] - Pay a player

Personal Shops

There are two ways to create a Personal Shop:

  • Place a chest and stock it with the material you want to put on sale, then place a sign on it and in the first line write [Negozio], in the second line the quantity and in the third line the price ([$importo]).
  • Place a chest, place a sign on it and in the first line write [Negozio], in the second line the quantity, in the third line the price ([$importo]) and in the fourth line the name of the object.

In the first way you are obliged to refill the chest before placing the sign, in the second way you can refill the chest after placing the sign.

General Commands

  • /spawn - Teleport you to the spawn
  • /sethome [name] - Set the home position (Max 1 home)
  • /delhome [name] - Unset the home position
  • /home - Teleport you to your home
  • /tpa [name] - Send a teleport request to a player
  • /tpahere [name] - Request a player to teleport to you
  • /tpaccept - Accept a teleport request
  • /tpdeny - Reject a teleport request
  • /msg [name] - Send a private message to a player

Duels Commands

  • /duel [name] - Send a duel request to a player
  • /duel accept - Accept a duel request
  • /duel deny - Reject a duel request
  • /duel stats - Show the duels statistics

General Commands

  • /kits - Open the kits menu
  • /shop - Open the shop

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