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It's free and easy to get playing our Minecraft server. Remember to read the rules before playing.

How to join ImpurityGames Minecraft server

Joining ImpurityGames Minecraft server is very simple and above all it is free.

To connect, open your copy of Minecraft Premium and click on "Multiplayer".

Then click on "Add Server" and in the first field enter a name you would like to see for ImpurityGames in your server list, this could be anything.

In the second field enter the Server IP: mc.impuritygames.com, it's important that you do not leave spaces before and after the Server IP beacause in that case Minecraft would not recognize the server address.

Finally, if you want to play games that use unique sounds and custom models than make sure that "Server Resource Packs" is set to Enabled.

Now click "Done" and voila, you're ready to play on ImpurityGames.
We wish you a good stay and a good game.

Need help? Contact us or send us a support ticket.