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Forum Rules

We advise you to read the rules carefully so as not to run into problems with our staff and to enjoy your stay in our community.

Nota Bene

This page declares the rules and guidelines for the correct coexistence between users and staff members of the ImpurityGames community.
Users are required to periodically view this rules for any updates, which can take place without notice by staff members.
Failure to understand and view the rules does not imply user justification for failure to comply with the rules contained in this page.

Forum Rules

  • No spamming or unnecessary usage of caps.
  • No offensive content or profanity.
  • Trolling, abuse, derailing flaming or flame-baiting is not allowed.
  • Negative feedback is allowed, as long it's constructive.
  • Do not advertise other community, servers, etc. outside the domain/aid of ImpurityGames.
  • Do not bump excessively. (More than once every 24 hours)
  • Do not Necropost (This means replying to an old thread that needs no further discussion).
  • Never put strange links of which we cannot verify the safety.
  • If you want to post a video on our forum, know that the Terms of YouTube Do apply here.
  • Do not post threads or posts exclusively to increase your post count.
  • Do not use spoiler tags to hide foul content of any kind (including pornographic images, screamers, etc.).
  • No affiliate linking, embedded videos in signatures, furthermore if your signature includes text, it should be of a small font size.
    Your signature may contain one of the following:
    Two Banner Images
    One Banner Image + Four Lines of Text
    One Banner Image + One Spoiler Tag
    One Banner Image
    Four Lines of Text + One Spoiler Tag
    Four Lines of Text Only
  • Don't occupy on ban issues that are not relevant to you. If you have something of value to say about someone else's ban, please contact staff privately, don't spread it on the forums.
  • Do not create alt accounts. This includes creating alt accounts to avoid bans, like-boost, or troll alt accounts.
  • Do not pretend to be a member of staff on the server. This includes claiming you are staff, threatening to ban a user or otherwise blackmail them. Impersonating staff will lead to a severe punishment.

Need help? Contact us or send us a support ticket.