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Community Rules

We advise you to read the rules carefully so as not to run into problems with our staff and to enjoy your stay in our community.

Nota Bene

This page declares the rules and guidelines for the correct coexistence between users and staff members of the ImpurityGames community.
Users are required to periodically view this rules for any updates, which can take place without notice by staff members.
Failure to understand and view the rules does not imply user justification for failure to comply with the rules contained in this page.

General Rules

  • The "General Rules" are applied to all services managed by ImpurityGames and can be applied to both players and staff.
  • Spam of any kind is prohibited (advertise or share links from other sites, servers, teamspeak, etc.) both publicly and privately.
  • It is forbidden to express vulgarity, insults and blasphemies by any means (Usernames, Texts, etc.). Responsible users will be sanctioned and content may be removed or censored.
  • Bullying, racism and discrimination in all their forms are not tolerated.
  • It is forbidden to steal other people's accounts, create multiple accounts and pretend to be part of the staff.
  • It is forbidden to publish information and materials that infringe users' privacy without their consent. Content can be removed without notice and the author can be warned or banned.
  • It is forbidden to offend, insult other users or feed and create flames.
  • It is forbidden to talk about pornographic material, illegal material or material that affects the sensitivity of others.
  • Omertose behaviour or attempts to protect other users, when they commit infringements, will be punished with the same sanction as the suspect.
  • On any platform owned by ImpurityGames that can offer the addition of various external content (addons, mods, etc.), if they can be used, they will be surveyed platform by platform.
  • Do not pretend to be a member of staff. This includes claiming you are staff, threatening to ban a user or otherwise blackmail them. Impersonating staff will lead to a severe punishment.
  • The staff always has the last word and reserves the right to issue punishments against other offences not listed in the rules on a case by case basis.

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