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TeamSpeak Rules

If you already have TeamSpeak installed click HERE to join the server.
The TeamSpeak IP is: ts.impuritygames.com

Any kind of interaction within this TeamSpeak 3 server involves approval of this rules for peaceful cooperation.

The Administration reserves the right to modify these rules at any time and without notice.
It is therefore advisable to periodically take a view to learn any updates, thus avoiding unfortunate misunderstandings.

It is forbidden:

1. Take on offensive/provocative attitudes.
2. Swearing, offending and so on.
3. Have a nickname/avatar containing political, racial, sexual references or that harms public decency.
4. Include in the name, description and topic of the rooms scurrilous words, blasphemies, spam and so on.
5. Spread advertising material, unless authorized by the Administration.
6. Make records, unless authorized by the Administration.
7. Create and use “Music Bot” in public rooms and those dedicated to support.
8. Use of Clownfish and Soundboard in public rooms and those dedicated to support.
9. Take possession of another identity.
10. Pretend to be a member of the staff.
11. Use false tags before and after the name.
12. Disturbing the other users.
13. Take advantage of bugs.
14. Use proxy.

1. The user who identifies himself as YouTuber/Streamer must not have other collaborations outside the one with ImpurityGames Community.
2. The main requirement for maintaining the privileges of YouTuber/Streamer is to advertise the Community using a graphic and/or text banner.

1. The donations made are in no way refundable.
2. The server group “Donator” has a maximum validity of 3 months (90 days).
3. The benefits derived from donations are forfeited if they are not renewed with a new donation.
4. The user who has made one or more donations must always and in any case comply with these rules.

Important Notice
The Administration declines all responsibility in case of:
1. IT attacks.
2. Connection/data loss.
3. Accidental/Possible server crashes.
4. Damage derived from uploaded/downloaded files.

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