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Nota Bene

This page declares the rules and guidelines for the correct coexistence on ImpurityGames services.

The user is required to periodically view this rules for any updates thereof, which may take place without prior notice.

Failure to understand and view the rules does not imply justification by the user for failure to comply with the rules contained.

1. General Rules

The "General Rules" are applied to all services managed by ImpurityGames and can be applied to both players and staff.
Spam of any kind is prohibited (publicizing or sharing links to other sites, servers, teamspeak, etc.) both in public and private form.
It is forbidden to express vulgarity, insults or blasphemy by any means (user names, texts, etc.). Responsible users will be sanctioned and content may be removed or censored.
Bullying, racism and discrimination in all their forms are not tolerated.
It is forbidden to abuse the CAPS (write more words or entire messages in upper case).
The flood is forbidden (repeat the same message or write several in rapid succession) both in public and private form.
It is forbidden to steal other people's accounts, create multiple accounts and pretend to be part of the staff.
It is prohibited to publish information and materials that infringe the privacy of users without their consent. The contents can be removed without warning and the author notified or banned.
It is forbidden to offend, insult other users or feed and create flame.
It is forbidden to post or talk about pornographic, illegal or shocking the sensitivity of others.
Conspiratorial behavior or attempts to protect other users, when they commit infractions, will be punished.
The staff always has the last word and reserves the right to decide how to act against actions listed or not in the rules. In particular, harmful behavior towards people, groups of people or the server itself will not be tolerated.

2. Forum Rules

It is not allowed to write messages with excessively large characters, with too many images and/or emoticons or too many colors that make reading annoying.
It is forbidden to abuse the reports for unfounded reasons in order to damage or provoke the person.
It is forbidden to request "Likes", reputation points or other evaluations in the messages (it is possible to request them in the signatures).
It is forbidden to assign reputation points for unfounded reasons, for provocative or disparaging purposes.
It is forbidden to deal with illegal or pirated material (cracked software, downloaded movies, etc.).
It is forbidden to open discussions or write completely irrelevant messages for the topic covered by the section.
It is forbidden to request assistance with a private message. Staff are not required to respond to these messages.
It is forbidden to open further discussions in order to continue a previously closed debate.
It is not allowed to insert more than 3 images and links within your signature.
It is forbidden to try to get trophies by cheating.

3. Teamspeak Rules

It is forbidden to take offensive/provocative attitudes.
It is forbidden to express vulgarity, insult and blaspheme.
It is forbidden to have a nickname/avatar containing political, racial, sexual references or prejudices against public decency.
It is forbidden to include scurrilous words, curses, spam, etc. in the name, description and topic of private rooms.
It is forbidden to disseminate advertising material, unless authorized by the administration.
Recording or streaming is prohibited, unless authorized by the administration.
It is forbidden to create and use "Music Bot" in public rooms and those dedicated to support.
The use of Clownfish and Soundboard in public rooms and those dedicated to support is prohibited.
It is forbidden to take possession of another identity.
It is forbidden to pretend to be a member of the staff.
It is forbidden to use false tags before and after the name.
It is forbidden to disturb other users.
It is forbidden to take advantage of bugs.
It is forbidden to use proxies.

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We are a team of enthusiasts who, after years of experience in Minecraft online servers, decided to share knowledge, experience and skills to create something new. Our goal is being able to bring innovations where they are lacking, always trying to leave that touch of originality.
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